Things that I would like to own

So, since this is going to be a literal wishlist, some things are idle, some things are projects, and some things I merely have yet to buy (but will). For most who wish to get me something from this list I would recommend things that I was going to buy anyway - just make sure that I don't actually buy it before you gift it!

Interactive Features: Mark an item as purchased by clicking on it - if "Show Purchased Items" is on it will have a line through it when you mouse away. In case of a misclick, with "Show Purchased Items" on you can click any purchased item to mark it unpurchased.

General Gift Ideas

Specific things I will probably buy eventually


Prefer to own physical CDs for music, will accept Bandcamp (DRM free) if notably cheaper.

These should be quite difficult to acquire (or I would have already :/ ):

Amazon Wishlists


Supplies, training, equipment, or aid appreciated.

Already experienced, wish to own

Most of the anime which I've seen I would like to own if I don't already.