Things that I would like to own

So, since this is going to be a literal wishlist, some things are idle, some things are projects, and some things I merely have yet to buy (but will). For most who wish to get me something from this list I would recommend things that I was going to buy anyway - just make sure that I don't actually buy it before you gift it!

Interactive Features: Mark an item as purchased by clicking on it - if "Show Purchased Items" is on it will have a line through it when you mouse away. In case of a misclick, with "Show Purchased Items" on you can click any purchased item to mark it unpurchased.

General Gift Ideas

Specific things I will probably buy eventually

Things that might be fun

Things I'd probably enjoy, but don't think are worth buying at this time. Might make decent gifts as I'd then enjoy and think of you.


Prefer to own physical CDs for music, will accept Bandcamp (DRM free) if notably cheaper.

These should be quite difficult to acquire (or I would have already :/ ):

Amazon Wishlists

Already experienced, wish to own

Most of the anime which I've seen I would like to own if I don't already.