What is Iiridayn?

"Michael Clark" is not unique, so for most of my online interaction I go by "Iiridayn".

Michael Clark


Michael Clark is an experienced web backend (PHP/NodeJS/MySQL) and embedded systems (C) software engineer. He's also an adequate system administrator and "fullstack" developer. Hobbies include security, fantasy, and gaming. He is currently back in school getting a doctorate in Computer Science with an emphasis in Usable Security at BYU.



Iiridayn is a programmer and social gamer - not a lone wolf. I use Iiridayn as my identity on the Internet primarily when I wish to interact with others.

Other Accounts

Ged Crimsonclaw

Ged - originally named from "A Wizard of Earthsea" - is a large, scaly, black (off-green), fire breathing dragon. When I play as Ged, I fight to win. Ged was my first online identity, used for an AckMUD, "Shades of Evil".

Other Accounts


Yevuard - name taken from same series as Ged - is a scientist and magic researcher. He is older and wiser than Ged, his brother. I use Yevuard more for scholarly persuits and draconic interests.

Collections/curation accounts

Major projects which I would like to undertake someday

Notes about projects are found here