I like to joke that I "fail" personality tests, as I often fall near the center of such tests. Still, I have observed a few trends which might be helpful in anticipating future behavior.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assesment (popular) usually pegs me as INTP. Of note, the only category I score strongly in is Introversion; the others I "fail" to demonstrate strong leanings and may fall either way. The Hartman Personality Profile was the first I recall "failing" (around 9-10 years old) - my score landed me almost dead center, on the Blue/White side - I think favoring Blue. I've been told by at least two people that they see me as clearly Red. Tests taken 3 Nov 2014 put me as INFP and White.

The Big Five seem to be moderately well recieved, so I'll estimate scores for each:

Very high.
Slightly high - I am dutiful, loyal, and precise in work and commitments, but am not great with scheduling or tidyness.
Very low.
Debatably high. I don't get along with everyone. I often let ideals trump personalities.
Neuroticism/Emotional Stability
Moderately low.

Some useful notes for anticipating my actions: