Online Fiction

The purpose of this page is to list stories which I have read to completion, read to a point, or may continue reading at some future point near or distant. These are more or less divided by medium, and eventually, date.

To be honest, I was expecting the list of stories at the bottom to be much longer - it might grow as I track down additional historical information, but I honestly can't add to it further now off the top of my head.

Ratings are by least appropriate thing - generally involving some degree of lack of decorum, but not infrequently due to ideologically sensitive matieral instead. Red indicates things that I would rather recommend against, orange things which I might suggest avoiding, yellow is being used as a warning color more mild than orange (roughly strong PG rating perhaps), and green are ones that I think we're great. If it doesn't have a color, I either have too few memories to rate it, or I didn't really feel strongly about it (so it's probably boring). Faded (where no other color is provided) means that it has stopped updating, bold means that the story has completed.

General rule of thumb for visual works ratings with respect to nudity - implied nudity (suggesting without showing) gets a warning label - it can take the mind of certain men down paths better not trod. Outline level nudity - such as nude transformation scenes, or some parts of Disney's Fantasia - gets an avoid label. Any bits immediately gets a "bad" label, and I really shouldn't need or desire a worse rating than that.

There are reasons that I might provide a stronger warning label than I might otherwise, such as strong immorality (adultery, homosexuality, polyamory, bestiality), mental trauma triggers (mind/body control, involuntary tranformations, general involuntary or forced action), prevalent disrespect for body (abortion, baby/child abuse, torture, excessive gore, suicide, casual murder), extreme atheism, and probably others. I have experienced each of these in fictional material, and I would rather not feel the way they make me feel; as such I increase the rating to remind myself to avoid them. I am not alert to drug abuse or other potential triggers; these ratings are designed for my own purposes and may well not fit your needs.


The majority of comics I read tend to be story driven.

Humor Comics

Story comics - visual series

In many cases, due to ocncerns about materials going offline, I have cached many of these to my local disk drive - often this serves as my primary record of ever having visited. Please note also that at least some of these contain material which I am not proud of - it is difficult to remember which for certain however, and so caution is strongly advised until I can filter these for material. I'll try to add ratings at a later date.

Comics which I started reading and then stopped

These comics in particular are going to either be boring, or have significant moral or other idealogical incompatibilities with my worldviews. I cannot recomend the vast majority of these comics.


When I was younger I was able to have more lax standards about what I read and watched - most of these are fanfic quality or lower, and quite a few might have inappropriate content. I'll eventually go through and mark those that I cannot recommend, meanwhile, like the rest of this page, there might be some less appropriate content mixed in with my personal history.

Non-short stories

Short Stories