Ged - Dragon Mercenary

Ged is a large, very dark green/black, fire breathing dragon. Due to his age he has had many occupations, but I primarily focus on the period from 120-300 when he served various times as a mercenary, from which he earned the title "Crimsonclaw", due to his brutality. Ged always fights to win, at any cost. His colors are Red and Black.

Ged is considered large for his species and age, and enjoys strength and combat training, and killing. He is adept at fighting as both human and dragon, and uses weapons and armor in his native form. He is competent with magic, though limited due to extreme magical burnout at a very young age. Depending on period, he either struggles with or embraces anti-human speciesism.

I would put Ged's shoulder height at 300 at around 7.5'/2.3 meters. I recognize that for some art this is not enormous, and by others it is enormous (see most Saint George vs dragon pictures) - but it is his approximate height, and large for his species and age. His scale tone is a very dark, very greyish green; essentially black.

His species grows continually for many years, until death by violence or heart failure, the latter occuring at around 900-1500 years generally. His species is also not "color coded for your convenience" - all are varying shades of grey-green, with color darkening generally with age. Some, like Ged's family, tend to be born natually darker. Chroma values also vary by family, with Ged's brother more grey than black. So, hue is fairly constrained, chroma (green vs grey) varies moderately by individual, and lightness (white vs black) varies by age and individual.

The species has a broad, as opposed to pyramidal, snout which is just short of Mesaticephalic/mesaticephalic, as in some Molosser dogs such as Pit Bulls, Newfoundlands, Great Pyrenees, Bernese Mountain Dogs, etc. They do not have symmetrical cancerous explosions of horns or frills, beaks, or tail spades/clubs/forks/etc. I'll get a reference for the scales, spines, and horns later - undecided on a pair of horns or not, vertebral spines or not, and scale size and patterning (reptile, not fish).