Christian - Mormon. Hacker. Furry(wolf). Otherkin(dragon). Brony. Gamer.


Physically, Orem, Utah

Online Identities



There appears to be a high chance that I qualify for Avoidant Personality Disorder, which can tell you a lot about me right there.


Most of what I am appears to focus around communication: knowledge representation, transmission, and retrieval.

What does Iiridayn do in his spare time?

Mostly plays video games - Feed the Beast and EVE Online at the moment. Also trying to catch up on my reading pile. Programs, esp SkyLords. Watches some anime sometimes, currently getting caught up via Hulu on One Piece and Naruto. Trys to find a way to curate online art collections.


Since I am between jobs and (finally!) just starting to get over severe burnout (I'm programming casually again!), I suppose most of my time qualifies as hobbies lately.

Projects which I would like to undertake someday

Notes about projects are found here